Why Investing in your Artistry is an Absolute Must!

If you don’t invest in yourself, then how can you expect anyone else to?

What do I mean by investing in yourself?

Well as an artist, whether you’re a singer, songwriter, musician, or producer, the greatest gift that you can give yourself, is investing in your talent! By that I mean do enough for yourself that people in the industry can’t help but talk about how great you are. Do enough for yourself that managers and A&Rs are coming to you, and your shows.

Now don’t forget that it’s not just about your ability, but the entire package. With the way the music business operates today, you have to see yourself as a brand, not just a band. Don’t let this worry you though, all we mean is that everything about you as an artist should come together and give you your own unique identity.

So let’s break that down a bit more, what does this actually mean?

Look at the list below and hopefully this will serve as a great starting point for you:

- What’s your USP? Do you Even Know What a USP is?
- Have you Got your Branding Sorted?
- Do you Practice Everyday?
- Have you Prepared a Set of Original Material?
- Have you Put your Band Together?
- Do you Surround Yourself with Like Minded People?
- Do you Regularly Perform Live?

See what makes an artist amazing is not only that they sound and create amazing music, but when we look at them, everything fits perfectly and makes sense e.g. Bey- once is seen as a strong powerful queen, an iconic artist! This brand message is fur- ther compounded by; her boldness as an artist bringing fire to the stage and every performance, her songs echoing the message of strength, her images are powerful and exude strength, so when you look at her entire brand, it makes sense.

In addition to your music and branding, your social media’s should all align, your videos are consistent to your brand identity, the photography looks great and we can immediately tell that you’re an artist.

It really is much more than music.