Essential Steps to Dealing with Your Performance Nerves

Discover the Ways of Calming the nerves and getting through that all important audition or performance!

Most of us feel nervous before entering the unknown. It's a basic human instinct to feel vulnerable with the prospect of the unfamiliar.

Dealing with nerves as a singer is an important skill to learn, as we never want to convey to the audience that we are apprehensive, especially when it affects our performance levels.

Sadly, there is no quick fix to handling nerves.

It's a bit like dieting in that respect. However, the more confident you are with your skill sets, the more proactive you feel and able to channel this energy into something more positive.

Before an important audition or performance, warming up will help calm you down!

Try this.

Feel yourself starting to relax loosening your throat muscles then engaging your body including your lungs and diaphragm.

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